Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Forest Carbon Portal

The Forest Carbon Portal provides relevant daily news, original Ecosystem Marketplace stories, a calendar of events, a toolbox of resources ranging from methodologies to policy briefs, and market analysis on land-based carbon sequestration projects—from forest to farm. The Portal also includes the Forest Carbon Project Inventory, a searchable database and map of projects selling land-based carbon credits across the globe. Users can search for projects by country, as well as by a variety of criteria such as project type, standard, registry and size. Projects are described in consistent 'nutrition labels' which supply as much information as can be maintained in a consistent structure. Projects must either be third-party verified or have sold credits to be eligible for listing. Currently, data collection is ongoing and the inventory only includes forest based projects. If you know of any forest/terrestrial carbon projects or would like to see your project showcased on the Forest Carbon Inventory map, or if your project is already on display and needs to be changed or updated, please contact Maria Bendana: mbendana(at)

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