Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Noticia \Japão - Soka City in Saitama Certifies 32 Green Families

Thirty-two families were certified as "Green Families" at an Environment Fair held by Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan on January 27, 2007. They were selected from 146 families who had been participating in a campaign, "The Soka City Green Family Declaration," started in April 2006 by the city government and a group of citizens and businesses with the aim of supporting the city's stated policy of harmonious coexistence with the environment. The campaign aims to popularize a version of ISO 14001 for families, prepared by the group together with the city. Some green families achieved remarkable results, such as reducing their power consumption by half.Campaign participants submit a document reporting on target actions, the name of their leader and each family member's role. They record the actions they have taken and their energy consumption for three months and submit the record and a review sheet to the campaign office. The group examines these documents and gives a certificate to families that have met approved standards.There are four target actions: "Reduce water use and avoid discharging polluted water," "Reduce waste by fully using resources," "Use energy efficiently to contribute to curbing global warming," and "Conserve nature near your home." Participants are requested to choose at least one type of target and undertake at least five tasks aimed at meeting the target.Participants submit their records and review sheets to the campaign office once a year, and thus are motivated to take on new targets and tasks and increase their efforts.
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