Thursday, 19 April 2007

LIVRO - Clean, Green and Read All Over: Ten Rules for Effective Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Reporting

For anyone involved in writing or evaluating corporate environmental and sustainability reports, this book provides a clear-headed analysis of what works best and why. An organizational environmental or sustainability report represents an opportunity to capture the loyalty of employees and customers, not to mention the interest of financial analysts and the resources of investors and lenders. Morhardt explains why an environmental or sustainability report can be a great tool to publicize the success of corporate environmental management systems. While you may have only heard of very large organizations making the most of this type of publicity, this author can show any size organization how to do the same.
You may have heard about The Body Shop, IBM, British Petroleum, Volvo, General Motors, BMW, and Ben and Jerry’s receiving powerful external recognition, awards, favorable commentary in the press and praise from financial analysts. Some of this recognition is based in environmental performance, much of it results from the vision, attitude, and range of topics addressed in the reports. This book explains how large and smaller organizations can gain by adopting a strong vision of sustainability, publicizing it, and systematically working to improve- no matter what your company’s

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